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Window Repairs:
Wollongong residents risk serious injury to their families by not repairing unsafe windows

Without window repairs, Wollongong home owners may be risking serious injury to themselves and their families. It is important that windows are not left in a dangerous state of disrepair.

Windows that suddenly slam shut

Windows that can suddenly slam shut are potentially very dangerous or can even be lethal! Sash windows can be particularly dangerous. When properly maintained, they have mechanisms that prevent them from being able to crash down with the full force of their weight. Other types can also have mechanisms to prevent sudden closure resulting from gusts of wind. However, these mechanisms tend to fall into disrepair with the passage of time. If you find that you are propping the sash open, there is a strong chance that someone may get hurt. Children are particularly vulnerable but adults can also be seriously injured making window repairs a priority.

When a glazed opening slams shut it has the potential to act like a guillotine on a person's fingers, arms, head or neck. There is also a chance that the sudden shock will break the glass which could also result in bodily injury.

There are various window mechanisms that are designed to keep windows from suddenly slamming shut.

  • Sash cords with counterbalance weights
  • Spiral balances
  • Spring balances
  • Friction hinges
  • Chain winders
  • Casement stays

For safety reasons it is important to keep these mechanisms in good repair or have them replaced with new ones.

Difficulty with opening and closing

Windows are meant to be easy to open and close. If you find you have to exert a lot of force when opening or closing a window, you may be in danger of hurting yourself or others. For example an aluminium sliding window can sometimes completely lift out of the frame and fall onto someone or something with disastrous consequences. Difficult windows may also cause you to strain your back or shoulder so it is wise to have them repaired.

Escape from fire

It is also important to consider the effects of having windows that cannot be opened in the case of a house fire. A house fire can sometimes block the normal ways of exiting, leaving windows as the only viable exit points. If a window doesn't open easily, occupants may have to break the glass in order to escape, but sometime even that won't work if the panes made of toughened glass.

Children falling out

It is important to have glazed openings well maintained and able to be closed securely so that young children are not able to open them and fall out.

Windows you have to prop open are inconvenient

Even if you are not convinced that there is a need to have your windows in good repair for safety reasons, there is also the issue of convenience. Windows that are in full working order do make life better. You can regulate the amount of air that comes in and out of your home much more easily when the window mechanisms are well maintained and functioning correctly.

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