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Timber Deck Construction
Wollongong NSW

Enhancing your Wollongong home with one or more decks for entertaining outdoors is a great idea! Decks can also improve the lifestyle of your family by providing an area for outdoor dining, sitting and relaxing and playing. Timber decking looks elegant and makes a firm but forgiving surface for children to run and jump about on. We build decks as verandahs, pool decks, balconies, porches and pergolas with many happy customers within the Illawarra region of NSW.

Decks built in the wollongong area
Decks we have built in the Wollongong area

Extending Out into the World

A well designed, constructed and finished deck has the potential to tastefully link the inside with the outside of your home. Timber is a natural product that is both strong, durable and is resistant to the elements. It keeps relatively cool when exposed to the sun and dries quickly after being rained on making it an ideal surface for walking on.

Remodeling your house with a deck

Adding wood decking is an excellent yet inexpensive way to remodel the external character of your house. Because decks can have a dramatic affect on what your home can look like, they have the potential to tremendously increase its value if designed and built appropriately. This is particularly important for the front of the house as this is generally what will form a buyers first impression. As we believe the overall visual impact is very important, we take great care to plan for the best overall visual appeal the addition of one or more decks will give to your home.

Timber Deck Construction

Decks constructed of timber have the potential to be amazing. The nature of your existing home, the amount of space available plus your needs, aspirations and budget are very important considerations to which we make a point of giving our full attention. Timber is a very versatile material for building, allowing a deck to be either low or raised high above the ground. At Big Island Building & Construction we work collaboratively with you, our client, with the aim of constructing a timber decked outdoor living area that will spectacularly satisfy your needs.

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