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Online Classifieds
for Wollongong NSW

Online Classifieds for the area of Wollongong NSW. These adverts run continuously for 1 year at a time.

How our ads work!

Our adverts are carefully designed for the web to enable them to feature in Google's organic search results for keywords that directly relate to a particular product or service.

The idea is that when a user of a search engine, such as Google, types in the keywords, a link to the classified advert you have placed with us appears in the search results. Interested users will then be able to click through to your classified advertisement.

Classified Features

  • Mobile Friendly
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Simple
  • As much text as is necessary to fully describe and sell your product or service
  • Total image size low to keep advertisement mobile friendly
  • Dedicated to a specific product or service


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